Orchard Home

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More than “Welcome!

Are you “included” in the life of church? Does everyone in your congregation “belong”?

On Thurs. Nov 30 @ 7pm, join us at Calvary CRC in Flamborough for dessert over a presentation and discussion on what it means to be a congregation that not only welcomes people but misses them when they are not there. Sara Pot will share her own story of raising children with disabilities, how this impacts her faith, and how she understands inclusion and belonging. Along with enjoying some fellowship and treats, the night promises some fun and meaningful ideas sharing on how we can truly be a community where every single person belongs.

The church is located at 485 Middletown Rd, Dundas, ON

What is Orchard Home?

It’s a home for Christians with developmental disabilities. But it’s more than just a physical place to live – it’s the hub of a life where people love, work, play, grow, dream and rest within a Christian community and beyond.

Why we need Orchard Home

There are 14,000 individuals

With developmental disabilities waiting for a place to live

A place that is:

How can you be involved?

This can only be made possible through dedicated members. Commit $40 a month also commit to sharing their lives with the amazing residents of Orchard Home.